Chocolate salami

If you ask some Italian women their recipe to make salame di cioccolato – chocolate salami – you will have many different answers. Maybe same ingredients, but different amounts. This is a dessert often served in restaurants and parties because it is rather quick to make and can be easily reserved for a long time. Oh yes – and it is perfect for chocolate-addicts. Frankly, I am not a chocolate fan, but when I want to make a good impression – especially when I don’t know well my guests’ likings or they are a lot – I prepare this dessert.


You can (and I strongly suggest to) easily double or triple the recipe.

[for 12 servings]

200 ml soy or other veg milk
1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
100 g toasted hazelnuts
90 g brown sugar
200 g dark chocolate
200 g vegan biscuits

In a glass or a mug mix the milk with the apple cider vinegar and let stay for 10 minutes. In a mixer or a powerful blender reduce in paste the hazelnuts. In a big bowl mix this paste with the sugar.

Melt the chocolate with your preferred method. I just use a saucepan on low flame using a diffuser, stirring occasionally/from time to time. In the meantime break the biscuits in pieces, about 0.6×0.6 inch. No, don’t need a ruler. Add these chips to the bowl. When the chocolate is melted, blend it with the ticked milk. Add this cream to the bowl with the others ingredients and mix until everything is well distributed. Arrange this mixture on a long piece of parchment paper making a salami shape. Roll it into the paper – like making sushi maybe? – close it well at the sides and let it cool in the fridge for almost 12 hours.

Take it out from the fridge, slice the salami and serve it. You can sprinkle the slices with some cocoa or add some whipped coconut cream at the side. I want to tell you a little secret: you can also keep the chocolate salami in your freezer: it will last weeks!!



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