Stiff neck & muscle pain balm

Everyone has a weak point – I mean, from a health point of view. Some people often catch a cold, others suffer from cervical spine pain, for some a tiny breeze can cause a sore throat. In my case, I often suffer from stiff-neck. Maybe years of no blow-drying have done a good job on my neck, but laying my head in a not perfect way on the cushion – or on my bf chest – whole watching the tv can totally kill me! L. too has little aches sometimes, undoubtedly caused by a sedentary job + bad posture. For these reasons, my first healing project had to be a therapy for stiff neck and other muscle pains. You don’t need so many ingredients, I decided to use the minimum required.

Shea butter and hemp oil: mixing a butter and an oil is always a good idea to obtain a nourishing but quickly absorbed final product. I’ve chosen shea butter because my skin loves it and hemp oil because is pretty cheap – I bought it in the edible oils corner at the organic food store – and have a quick absorption time.

Arnica extract: essential for all muscle and joints pains.

Black pepper essential oil: it has warming properties, helping loosen the contacted area. Ps: if you need a little sexual hint, use it in an aromatherapy diffuser as needed!

Lemony eucalyptus (or rosemary camphor) essential oil: good as a local analgesic.

I generally buy my ingredients on Aroma-zone.


You can add other essential oils to change the scent or to enhance its healing properties.

[yields a 100 ml jar]

1/4 cup / 60 ml shea butter
1/8 cup /30 ml hemp oil
2 ml / 60 drops arnica extract
5 ml black pepper essential oil
1 ml / 30 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil – or rosemary camphor

In a double boiler melt the shea butter, add it to a bowl and mix it with the hemp oil. Let cool but not set.

Add all other ingredients, stir well, pour into a jar and let solidify. Use to massage your painful area twice or three times a day.


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  • I’m really liking these posts, Valentina – I love to make my own beauty and healthcare things and this happens to come at a perfect time – I’ve had a really sore ankle for the past week and I’m sure this would work well for that. Thanks 🙂