Zeno Gelato e Cioccolato – Verona

It’s finally time to talk about my favorite gelateria on my blog. Shooting ice-cream is difficult already, but when it’s so delicious, it’s almost impossible. That’s why I waited for years to work on this post.

I have a sweet tooth. A serious sweet tooth. But my healthy-food-maniac heart makes me choose carefully how to please it. And to me, nothing is better than a 100% vegan and artisanal gelato.

I’m so lucky to have Zeno Gelato e Cioccolato at a 5-minute walking distance from Lorenzo’s house. I often used to ask him to go there after dinner during summer – I never eat cold food under 80° F – and I’ve been there 3-4 times in the past three weeks. And each time the flavors were different. Once, they had a photography exhibition about Japan in the store and the chef realized some themed flavors: matcha, bancha with chocolate chips (a sort of stracciatella), and an incredible rice-based with adzuki and cherries.

The last time I ordered a vegan cone with peanuts and beer (delicious!), apricot, and spicy chocolate. I devoured it! I’m never disappointed by Zeno and the location, I mean, it’s amazing. You grab your cone and you sit in the piazza enjoying the church’s facade illuminated by the orange light of the sunset.

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