We arrived at the Station and we spent the morning strolling around in Cannaregio, the neighborhood where the old Jewish ghetto is located. Here you can find Kosher restaurants and amazing bakeries selling typical pastry. For lunch, we met my cousin’s family at Orient Experience where we had delicious food – I really ate too much but everything was vegan so I felt no guilt at all – but I forgot to portrait it. Sorry.

After lunch and a coffee, we left them and we headed to San Marco, such a touristic but beautiful place to see once in a while. Then, under our umbrellas, we went to Ca’ Pesaro Museum which also includes in the 10€ price also the Oriental Art Museum visit. Not bad at all and quite interesting.

But Venice is really stunning from any point of view, every canal is worth taking a picture and losing your path is the best way to come back home with a beautiful and unique memory.

All the photos are taken with my Fujifilm X-T1 and the 18mm f/2.0 (27mm for full-frame owners).

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