My capsule for fall and winter

In the Bay, summer has finally arrived. It’s gonna last a couple of days, but better late than nothing. In the meantime, everybody else in the northern hemisphere is getting ready for fall and winter – especially their wardrobes. And I’m ready to think about that too! I finally understood my style and I have a better idea of the items I should be buying and that I should put in my wishlist, even if it’s a pretty expensive and unaffordable, at least for me right now, wishlist. But it’s called wish-list for a reason, right?

Let’s start from…

Basically, every top I own is from Everlane. I love the brand, the store is convenient for me being just 11 Bart stops away from me. I can try sizes and see in person the fabric quality. Just be careful because some of their items are not, IMO, very sustainable (I’m mainly talking of their pretty trendy GoWeave, which is just a cool name they picked for some triacetate – read here and here why I don’t like it). Others, instead, are really good, like their new clean silk or their denim. And the price is on-point.

I’m gonna consider short-sleeve tees and the cami ideal for fall here in the bay since we often have sunny and warm days for the whole month of October. And a nice breezy top is always a good idea for parties or hot crowded bars.

Tops, from left to right and top to bottom

  • The Polka Dot Cami: the cut is the nicest, even my husband loves it, and the fabric is the coolest thing ever. I immediately fell in love since it’s black with camel/mustard yellow polka dots.
  • The Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt: even if I usually don’t like my image when wearing dropped shoulders, this shirt is my new favorite. It keeps me warm – silk is not really breathable, so no issues with SF’s wind – and I feel so stylish.
  • The Cotton Box-Cut Pocket Tee: a classic that I also owned in white and that unfortunately lost during my recent road trip. Gotta find a new white/bone tee asap.
  • The Pima Micro Rib Long-Sleeve Crew: this is the perfect layering piece. It works like a charm under sweaters, it’s soft and not constricting.
  • The Slim Silk Shirt (no more available but there are a few, very similar, in clean silk): another classic that looks amazing both left open until the sternum for a sexy look or completely buttoned-up for a more tomboy one.
  • The Cashmere Crop V-Neck: it’s cashmere, therefore it’s soft af. It’s also cropped. And it has a wonderful large v-neck. Do I need to add more?
  • Kotn Fitted Turtleneck: you’ll hardly find a softer cotton in your life. They make beautiful basics made of ethical Egyptian cotton. They also have a new olive color that really intrigues me.


Jackets and accessories

  • Deadwood Debbie Jacket, bought from AmourVert (not the one in the figure, wasn’t able to get a fine image of the real thing): it took me weeks to find the right leather jacket to replace the fake leather one I bought from Zara two years ago for my elopement, that was in pieces. Seriously, it was in embarrassing conditions. This new one is in real, recycled leather and the lining in recycled polyester. What? In love with the brand! And the cropped style is perfect for my body type.
  • This is Velé crossbody clutch: my to-go bag because I hate bringing a lot of stuff with me. Fits my iPhone 7plus, a small wallet, a chapstick, a tissue and my passport (as an expat I only have my passport as ID).
  • Sutro Footwear Valencia, black: the most comfortable leather shoes you can buy. No breaking-in period, super soft leather and going strong even after a lot of use.

And now the fun part!

From left to right and top to bottom

  • The Pima Micro Rib Open V-Neck: I’m a huge fan of wide v-necks and I really need another long-sleeve tee. And I know Everlane’s Pima cotton, it’s so nice on the skin.
  • The Cashmere Waffle Square Turtleneck: other than the cashmere one I previously mentioned, I only own crappy and itchy h&m sweaters, so I need to invest in another good piece and keep those for lounging at home.
  • Lace bra: maybe not this one exactly, but since I gained quite a lot of weight in the last 12 months, my non-existent boobs are not there and I need something a little bit roomier and supporting, so why not opting for a sexy black lacey bra that I can wear with a slightly unbuttoned blouse?
  • Washed black denim skirt: I have to try it again because last time it fitted perfectly on my waist but smashed my bootie, maybe a larger size is going to fit me better? It really is the perfect length, height, and color for my taste.
  • Long wool coat: I’ve been wanting a new coat for more than 2 years but finding a good one that I can afford is pretty hard. This one is not the best, but they are at least trying (it’s recycled wool). The winner could be this one or a 100% wool camel coat I hope to find asap.
  • White sneakers: I’m kinda digging these ones by Reebok (did you know that it’s a good brand from a sustainability point of view?). So why not, since my converses are falling apart and my first choice (Veja) seem impossible to find in my size and someone also told me they’re pretty hard to break in?
  • Dr. Martens: after years of wanting them and changing my mind because still not sure about my style and because of the husband who doesn’t like them, it’s time. I need to have a pair of Dr. Martens boots.
  • Black sleek pumps: I know, I never leave home at night, but I’d love to go out for dinner more often and there’s always that once-in-a-year Christmas party of Lorenzo’s office!
  • 13″ Kiev leather satchel: I saw this bag while I was browsing the boots in the store and I felt my heart there. It’s tomboyish and I’ve always noticed any bag shaped like this one, and being pretty jealous of the owner. And I’d really need a bigger bag.
  • Small Faye Day Bag: this has been on my wishlist for years. And sooner or later – later, later – I’ll have it. I’m not too badly into designer pieces, but this one is on top of my list.

Done! I hope you found it inspiring and/or helpful 🙂

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  • hello! IG lurker who finally has a question – not sure you’ll see this, but I’m comparing turtlenecks from Everlane and Kotn and have been looking for someone who might be able to compare the fabric in Everlane’s pima microrib shirts to Kotn’s cotton. would appreciate any thoughts on thickness, warmth, durability! 🙂

    • Hi Allison! They’re very different fabric 🙂 The Kotn turtleneck is thick and soft and follows the body without behind too adherent, Everlane pima microrib is thinner and very fitting. I own a crew long sleeve from Everlane in the same fabric and I like wearing it under sweaters, but I don’t wear it so much by itself, while kotn is more forgiving on the body (and bra lines!) and has a more expensive feel IMO. I hope it helps ^_^